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Mission & Philosophy

The mission of Bishop Rosecrans High School is to provide a community in which all can live and grow in faith, scholarship, and service following the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Catholic church.

Bishop Rosecrans High School Belief Statements
  • We believe Christ is the reason for this school, therefore we are all called to be visible signs of the Gospel message in our daily lives.
  • We believe faith formation is an ongoing collaboration between school, family and community.
  • We believe Catholic education teaches faith, scholarship, service, and community.
  • We believe instruction and assessment must provide for the diverse needs and abilities of all students.
  • We believe in continuous improvement through research, ongoing education, and implementation of best practices.

Bishop Rosecrans High School is an academic institution of the Diocese of Columbus that strives to provide a quality education to the total person in an environment permeated with Christian principle. By emphasizing the message of Jesus Christ, as conveyed through the gospels and the teachings of the Catholic Church, the school strives to develop a quality academic program wherein, respect, love and all the virtues are nurtured and exercised. The school's faculty and administration is committed to providing curricular and extracurricular opportunities which advance the above stated goals. Through the total experience of their education, students will be challenged to grow in their commitment to God and Church, to family and community and to each other.

Bishop Rosecrans High School, located in Zanesville, Ohio, was founded in 1950. Rosecrans is a Catholic high school providing a quality, Catholic education for young people to strengthen their faith and serves families in the Muskingum, Guernsey, and Perry counties. The school has developed into a thriving institution with a reputation for scholastic and athletic excellence. Rosecrans has seen a significant portion of its alumni not only go to college but become leaders who have contributed greatly to their professions, their community and country.

Bishop Rosecrans High School is a Catholic high school in the Columbus Diocese. We serve God and the community through faith, love and respect. The faculty, staff, students and parents work together to inspire learning, leadership, and service.