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Paying For College

Scholarship applications are available in the school office.
Applications are due May 10th 2020.

For more community scholarships, visit the Scholarship Central website.
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Available Scholarships
Carolyn Ann Weiner Scholarship

This scholarship has been established to honor a student like Carrie who highly values education and takes responsibility for education seriously. The recipient of this scholarship should show the same types of characteristics that Carrie showed: determination and drive to succeed, motivation to do as well as possible at all times, and strength of character which enables one to push ahead despite obstacles which fall in the way.
To find out information about this scholarship please visit the Muskingum County Community Foundation. If you would like to support this scholarship, you can send a check to the Muskingum County Community Foundation.

Frick Family Scholarship

In 1983, Rosecrans lost one of its strongest supporters, Dick Frick. Although not catholic, he made the conscience decision that his children would attend Rosecrans and college thereafter.
Growing up on the family farm, Dick had few educational opportunities, but he made sure that would not happen to his children. All four of his children graduated from Rosecrans and attended college. He worked hard all his life and became a respected businessman as well as loyal supporter of both Rosecrans and local youth baseball.
It is in that spirit of hard work and giving back to the community that the Frick family established this scholarship. It is to be given to a Rosecrans graduate showing strong potential for college, demonstrating a desire to give back to the community and meriting financial assistance that this scholarship be awarded.
If you would like to support this scholarship, you can send a check to the high school made payable to Bishop Rosecrans High School with the scholarship name in the memo.

The Monsignor A. Anthony Frecker Scholarship $1000

Criteria for selection should be a combination of participation in the Catholic faith (Mass attendance, alter server, lector, choir, etc.) and helping one's fellow man (work at food pantry, clothing drive, befriending a not so popular person, tutoring other students, service to others, etc.). Basically living the two great commandments of love of God and love of neighbor. No requirement for gender, GPA, field of study. Scholarship can be used for college, technical school, trade school or any other training beyond high school.

Langdon Jade Thomas Scholarship

This scholarship was created in the memory of Langdon Jade Thomas, a 2013 graduate of Bishop Rosecrans High School. Langdon excelled in academics, participated in many sports, and was a member of many school affiliated clubs. Langdon herself was honored with many scholarships to help further her education. Langdon exhibited a love for life and the world around her. She will always be remembered for her beautiful smile along with her confidence and passion to stand up for all people!

Savliwala Scholarship for Rosecrans Outstanding Math Student

This scholarship was established in memory of Mr. Nuruddin Savliwala by Zehra and Salim Kaka and will be awarded at Graduation to one senior student. The recipient must have a passion for Math, all final grades must be A's for each year in all Honors Math courses, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.8, SAT 1 and SAT II Math scores of 700 or above, must take all Honors Math courses offered by Rosecrans, and must be a student at Rosecrans all four years. The award amount of $1500 is to be used for educational purposes only.